Umpiring Pathway

The PNC Umpires Committee are ready and keen to help all our umpires progress through their officiating journey. If you have never picked up a whistle before, or are wanting to get your NZ Award, our Umpire Coaches are out on the courts every week to help and assist all our talented umpires.

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the PNC Umpire Committee, please contact:

Heather our GM at
[email protected] or
Serena our NDM at
[email protected].

Click on the online learning link above to register or log in the the online learning portal. From there you will be able to access online learning modules and sit Zone or NZ Theory Exams. 

Please get in touch if you're having trouble logging in.


2024 Exam Dates: 

EXAMApplications OpenApplications Close Exam Date
Zone Theory 127th March 202430th April 202420th May 2024
Zone Theory 211th June 202415th July 20245th August 2024
NZ Theory 116th April 202420th May 202410th June 2024
NZ Theory 225th June 202429th July 202419th August 2024

Payment details will be sent to applicants after registrations have closed and Umpire Leads have approved their candidates to sit.


Instructions to Apply:

1. Need to sign up on the Netball NZ website.

2. Select Search Learning - Netball NZ Catalogue

3. Click on 'Zone Theory Exam 1'

4. Read information and then click on 'Request Now'


Zone Theory
The NNZ Zone Theory Exam is the first step in gaining your Zone Umpire Award

NZ Theory
The NNZ New Zealand Theory Exam is the first step for umpires who hold a Zone Umpire Award and are looking to attain their New Zealand Umpire Award