Have you ever considered picking up a whistle and becoming an umpire?

Umpiring netball is very rewarding and is fast growing as an individual sport in its own right. It requires fitness, good analytical skills and of course a passion for the sport of Netball.

It is part of Papakura Netball Centre’s mission to provide a quality competition for all.  This includes setting the qualifications required per grade and being at the required fitness level to be able to have good position, vision, and timing.  We all expect and deserve to have a well-managed game.  

Where do I start? 

Take a look at our Umpire Pathway, and requirements to understand where you need to start.  Then take a look below, to complete online learning or register to our workshops.

Introduction to Umpiring - Whistlers classes dates:

  • Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March, 6pm 
  • Tuesday 2nd & 3rd April, 6pm
  • Tuesday 30th April & Wednesday 1st May, 6pm


Per Team Grade at Papakura Netball Centre

(Refer part 3, 7.1 – F - I, of the PNC Regulations) as follows:

Grade                                    Qualification Required

Senior Premier Current         Zone Theory

Senior A, Res, B, Res           Local Centre Award

Collegiate Premier                Local Centre Award

Collegiate & U15                   Junior Badge

Intermediate                          Junior Theory or New to Umpiring cert

(Y6 teams)                             Junior Theory or Foundation module completion

(Y5 teams)                             Junior Theory or Foundation module completion


All aspiring umpires are encouraged to attend a our 2x night 'Introduction to Umpiring Theory and Practical' course.  

Night 1: Theory - rules,  hand signals, umpire guidelines

Night 2: Practical - on court, whistle blowing

Introduction to Umpiring Learning Outcomes:

  • At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:
  • Identify and use umpire communication tools more effectively
  • Identify areas the umpires manage and where players can play
  • Manage match responsibilities - protocols
  • Understand basic umpire positioning and vision
  • Demonstrate a basic application of the rules of the game
  • Demonstrate the actions that an umpire takes when a player infringes
  • Umpire a practice game demonstrating umpire skills and learning what is being done well and what needs to be worked on

If you have a few umpires (5 or more) that are keen to get together to do a umpire theory & whistlers class please let the office know and we can try organise with our Umpire Convenor. Contact the office on 295 0176 or via email [email protected].


Please click the button below (Umpires Coaching Assessment form) and submit payment of $10 and we will put you on the list to be assessed by our Umpire Assessors.

You will be notified of when you will be put on a game to be assessed once payment has been confirmed.

Any questions please dont hesitate to give us a call at the PNC office on 295 0176 or via email [email protected].



Click on the image above to take you directly to NNZ Online learning portal.  There you will find the following modules:

  1. New Player Umpire Online Module - which provides you with a NNZ Certificate at the end if you pass.
  2. Understanding 6v6 Netball - which is great for ANZ futureFERNS umpires, coaches and players.  No pass required.

If you are having trouble logging, please see our ​​​​​​​Introduction to Umpiring guide under Umpire resources.  

Contact the Umpire Committee:

Please contact us if your umpire is unable to make an allocated game, if your umpire has changed, if you want to join our Umpire Development Pathway, or if you just want to understand what it is our Umpire Committee do. 

All queries are recieved by the PNC Office & Umpire Convener.