Get into control of your game

Just starting or just want to get it right!
Don’t put up with wayward bowls!

Your Coaches are here to help.  Their aim is to help players so that they get more enjoyment out of the game.  So give them a call.

Club Coaches are:-

Michael Corrigan              904 6167                                 
Tom Henderson                904 1671         021 294 4489

Jim Swift                            299 1824         027 249 6779

Coaching is available to suit you.

Just select your Coach and give him/her a ring.

​​​​​​​Individual coaching available anytime, just call your favourite coach.

Scheduled Coaching

Coaches are available on site at the following times.

Skills training is available both summer and winter.

Wendnesdays from 9.30 am.

Individual coaching available anytime, just call your favourite coach.

Club Bowls

The Club has sets of new modern bowls for trial use.

They comprise Redline SRs, Aeros, Dreamline SGs and Drakes Pride and cover almost every
size up to 4.5.  

The Bowls, controlled by the Club Coaches, can be used by New Bowlers for up to 3 months and Existing Bowlers for a shorter time enabling both to make an informed choice before purchasing.

  The Bowls are not allowed to leave the Club.

These bowls are also available on Coaching Days and can be used on any playing day
provided they are returned directly to the lockers at conclusion of play.

For more information contact one of our coaches