Drills Sessions

We have created this initiatve to assist our bowlers overall game development with a series of focused, one-hour drills sessions to be held over a period of six weeks.

The programme has been carefully thought out to help build on your skills each week and is certainly not just for newer bowlers.  We encourage any bowler at any level to participate.

This a great opportunity to work on your "drills" skills with the company of fellow members and gain an understanding, and the advantages, of recording and monitoring your results. 

We also encourage you to stay on for the 2pm Roll-Up to put your skills of the day into play.

  • Starting on Sunday May 26th, this is intended to run for six consecutive weeks
  • Each session is scheduled as a focused one hour event starting at 1pm - everyone needs to be ready by 12.45pm to receive the briefing and instructions of the drills for each session
  • Numbers are limited - please register below

We are mindful that at this time of year the weather may cause some postponements.  If any rain delays happen the scheduled session will run on to the following week. 

Please download the Sporty App to your phone, postponements will be notified via the  "Alert" function on the App.  If you need guidance to do this, please ask Sharon for assistance.


Michael Corrigan has worked tirelessly to put this wonderful programme together for us.

He will be guiding us through these sessions each week and will be onhand to assist you with executing these drills to improve your performance, recording and understanding your results and how to get the best out of each session.

These are not one-on-one coachings sessions.  If you would like further individual coaching, please speak with Michael and arrange a suitable time.


Day 1 - Jack Length Variation

A constant 2 metre Mat - 4 varying lengths, Minimum Length, Increasing, Increasing again, then 1 metre short of the ditch - Backhand then Forehand.

Day 2 - Mat Length Variation

A constant 2 metre Jack - 4 varying lengths, Minimum Length, Increasing, Increasing again, then Maximum (one metre short of the ditch) - Backhand then Forehand.

Day 3 - Displaced Jacks

Four Different Rinks - 4 x Backhand and 4 x Forehand - Jacks are placed at different widths on each consecutive rink.

Day 4 - Grouping

A 4 Bowl Exercise on both Backhand and Forehand - Deliver the bowl to the disc and the remaining 3 to the first bowl.  Varying width on each rink.

Day 5 - Drawing Around The Head

A 4 Bowl Excercise - Drawing round the head.  The width of the head varies with each rink.       

Day 6 - Conversion/Run Shots

4 x Backhand - Rest each of the 4 bowls with a bowl - Disturb 4 bowls in front of the head - Run shot through 4 bowls in front of the head - With a bowl each side of the jack, draw the winning shot.  Repeat on the Forehand

For more information, please feel free to contact:   Michael Corrigan:   09 904 6167   or   Sharon Williams:  021 244 0606