Getting Started 

If you have ever thought about having a go at bowls but don’t know where to start, hopefully this will help you on your way.

Every single player had to start somewhere, and we like to help new players as much as we possibly can to get you into this great game we love. 

We offer access to free coaching, the use of our modern range of club bowls and support from the Club Captains to guide you on your new journey.  They will also introduce you to our fellow members, who are a pretty friendly bunch, so you can make friends from the moment you join.

Contact one of our Club Captains or our Head Coach to get you started:

Head Coach – Michael Corrigan 904 6167   |  or Email:  [email protected] ​​​​​​​

Denise Graham (women’s club captain) 021 156 7084  |   John Evans (men's club captain) 027 449 9949

FREE Coaching

We have a great team available to help with the initial basics, and they will continue to guide you as and when required.

During the summer season (daylight saving start to finish) we have a set coaching time of 9.30am every Wednesday.  Any of the club's coaches are more than happy to arrange special coaching sessions for both new and experienced bowlers at times convenient to you.  Feel free to contact our head coach Michael Corrigan, and he can arrange a suitable time for you with one of the coaching team (see contact details below).

Throughout the winter we have a very casual “roll up” every Sunday afternoon that is open to anyone.  As long as it is not raining, this runs from 2pm to 4pm every week and there are people on hand to give you a little bit of coaching so you can join in and have a go straight away.

Feel free to contact any of the coaches listed below to arrange a time to meet:

Head Coach – Michael Corrigan 904 6167   |  or Email:  [email protected]     

Tom Henderson   904 1671   021 294 4489     |     Jim Swift   299 1824   027 249

What Should I Wear

When turning up for your initial lessons just wear something you will be comfortable in.  Our only request is that you wear flat soled shoes to protect the playing surface.  Modern sneakers with a little bit of grip are fine.

Once you join, uniforms are only required when playing in more formal competitions.  If you want to participate in some of these but don’t have a uniform, you can wear white clothing until you have time to organise this.  In all social listed events you can wear mufti. 

We have new and second-hand uniforms available, and your club captain will help organise this with you once you decide that you would like to join the club.

How Much Does It Cost

We try to make it as inexpensive as possible to get you started.

While you are learning you can make use of the club bowls and turn up in casual and comfortable clothing, no uniform is required in the initial stages. 

Club bowls are available for the first few months, and you can try the different sizes and brands we have on hand to see what suits you best before you commit to purchasing a set. 

We strongly recommend you take your time experiencing the different brands and sizes of club bowls we have before you decide on making a purchase.  They are available for that very reason.

Club coaches can be very useful in guiding new players with the choice of the type of bowl that suits them and that one of the most important factors is how comfortable the bowl feels in the hands of the bowler.  Some of our coaches say that they witnessed really good bowling with 'ancient' bowls over the years.  In other words, it is the bowler and not so much the bowl so make use of their advice when trying different options.

Bowls can be purchased second hand and are regularly advertised on places such as Trade Me for  $200.00 to $600.00 plus dollars, or new sets are approximately $800.00.

Once you purchase bowls you will want a bag to transport them and there are some other bits or accessories you will see that you will inevitably want to acquire over time, such as a measure or chalk (marking) spray or pens or sports grip.  None of it must be done immediately and just purchase what you like once you decide what you think you will need.

For new players we recommend starting with our casual playing membership of $80.00 per year to get you on your way.  This will entitle you to have access to the greens and equipment for practice, free coaching, and the ability to join into the social events that we have on offer.  Once you are feeling more comfortable and have a greater understanding of what events you would like to participate in, then we can discuss the membership options that will best suit you.

If it is not raining, evey Sunday we host a casual roll up starting at 2pm (please arrive by 1.45pm).  The format each afternoon is very casual with the emphasis on having fun and the game format decided once we know the numbers playing.  This is a great opportunity for the newer (and not so new) members of our club to have some time on the mat and this is open to everyone, family and friends are most welcome – the more the merrier.

If you have not played before, we can provide the bowls and help you with some coaching to get started, just wear comfrotable clothing and flat soled shoes.