Check trip applicants have adequate fitness, experience, and equipment.  The Trip Leader/Club Captain/President have the responsibility to decline/refuse trip applicants for the safety and wellbeing of whole party.

Trip notification – Write a brief blurb which includes a short description describing the trip and the grade of the trip and send to [email protected].  This can be added to website at least a couple of months prior to trip.

A trip List will have been written up by the Club Captain and placed on the table at Club meeting, which you will need to collect.  Please then make contact with all participants prior to trip date, advising of destination, time of departure, departure point, grade of trip, food and gear requirements, either by email or phone.

  1. Emergency contact person - Appoint a contact person who can advise participant’s contacts in the event of an emergency or delay of expected return time. Give a copy of Trip List participants to emergency contact person, and to Peter if picking up PLB.
  2. Briefing - prior to departure have a briefing explaining location of emergency equipment, who is carrying personal locator beacon, first aid kit, and ask to sight each person’s duty of care form.  Also organise a Leader and Tail End Charlie and ask group to stay reasonably close together.  Nominate someone to be first-aider.

Trip Report - On return, advise Emergency Contact that you are back safely.  Delegate one person to write a report for website and email to [email protected] and one person to speak at next club meeting. 

First Aid Kit – each participant should have their own personal kit.  First aid kits are available free of charge from Peter Simpson 021 995 890.

Personal Locator Beacon – The Club owns a beacon and it is strongly recommended that this is taken out on all trips.  Call Peter Simpson 217-3368 or 021 995 890 to arrange collection.  There is no charge for this.

​​​​​​​Trip Costs – Participants are expected to purchase their own hut tickets or annual hut pass.  Trip Costs are to be paid to trip leader as soon as advised after trip.

Transport costs – The Club has two frames which can be fitted onto a trailer for transporting bikes.  These are stored at Charlie Daly's place at Wallacetown phone 235 8063.

Private vehicles – Car pooling is organised by Trip Leader

Petrol vehicle – Fill car prior to leaving and fill again on return.  Charging is double the cost of petrol and divided among those in the vehicle, including the driver.

Diesel vehicle – as above, plus road user charge for mileage.  Driver will need to have taken the mileage for the trip.

Trailer - Use of a private trailer is $50 per day or $200 per week.

Final cost for the trip cannot be completed until you have returned from your trip and refilled your vehicle.  Please keep your receipt.

Hired vehicle – Riverside Rentals Ph 214 1030.  Costs are divided among participants and calculated on returning home after trip.  All trip leaders are requested to take additional insurance to get excess reduced. 

Food - whether you provide your own food or are in party groups is at the Trip Leaders discretion, but you will always need your own breakfast, lunch, snacks, water and energy drinks. 

Gear - the Gear Custodian, Veronica Williams, Ph 027 204 1198 has billies, tents, tents flies, packs etc for free hire to financial members.  Return gear promptly, and clean after use and report damage if necessary.

Private Land - If trips cross private land please check who to contact for permission prior leaving town.

Accidents – In the event of an accident/incident that requires specialist assistance use available resources to ensure urgent care of affected person.  Advise Club Captain and President of circumstances upon return home.