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STC Funding Projects for 2023

​​​​​​​No further funding projects were funded as all funding went to the 75th Jubilee.

STC Funding Projects for 2022

Funding of $2,000 was provided to Rural Women NZ Castledowns Wetlands to enhance their trapping project, and assist with weed control and replanting with suitable native trees.

Funding of $2,000 was provided to Omaui Landcare Charitable Trust to assist in the production of a promotional brochure to aid the Trust in providing a professional presentation to aid in future Funding Applicatons

Land Search and Rescue Southland applied for funding of $5,000 as part of the funds required to purchase a dedicated trailer for their equipment.  This was considered, and it was decided that they should apply to other funders in the first instance, and the Club would consider any shortfall donation at a later date.

Approved at the 74th AGM held on 12th October 2022​​​​​​​


STC Funding Projects for 2021

Funding to be provided, up to $5,000 for the STC 75th Jubilee

A donation of $1,000 be made to Southern Lakes Helicopters for their rescue work

All were approved at the 73rd AGM held on 13th October 2021

​​​​​​​STC Funding Projects for 2020

Public Conservation and City Council land managed by Omaui Landcare Charitable Trust Oamui Reserve Restoration Project, is a 230 ha Public reserve on Mokomoko Road, Omaui. 

As the Group is no longer receiving finance from the Dept of Conservation to complete their tasks of resetting Goodnature trap pests on the Oamui Reserve.

   STC has provided a one off donation of $2,000.00 to help with the cost of resetting the A24 Goodnature traps on the Omaui reserve.  

In May of 2020 the New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust purchased a 80 hectare block of land which had been used by Peter Knight for grazing.   The land has some 40 hectares of established Totara forest with little or no vegetation under it, it is just Totara trees.   It is hoped that the underscore will re-establish itself over the coming years. The cost to the Trust was in excess of what they really could afford but this was so good an opportunity to save a piece of nationally (and probably internationally) significant established “Podocarp Forest on Sand dune systems” that they felt they had to get this land and protect it. Fencing is also being established and then a restoration project of part of the area will start with the planting of native species endemic to the area.

STC will provide the Native forest restoration Trust the Southland Tramping Club $500 a year (to be a combination of Native Plants and Combiguards) for planting at the Oreti road reserve for 5 of the next six years

This $500 would be supplemented by the donation of some plants to the point that there would be possibly 100 ~ 200 plants to put in the ground annually. This would be accomplished as part of a working bee by STC members on a suitable day.

Planting days would occur in the following years:

2021 – ($500 worth of material) plus workday

2022 – (Jubilee year - See other proposal)

2023 – ($500 worth of material) plus workday

2024 – ($500 worth of material) plus workday

2025 – ($500 worth of material) plus workday

2026 – ($500 worth of material) plus workday

Project Cost (over the 5 years) $2500

Jubilee year funding

That the Southland Tramping Club, for the 75th Jubilee, as an effort to help offset carbon credits provide (approx.) $3,500 for the purchase 500 native plants and combiguards (protectors) and that as part of our jubilee celebrations we spend an hour or so out there planting them.

 Bluff Hill Motupōhue Environment Trust 

STC has provided funding of $2500.00 to support their exciting new initiative - Te Korowai Whakahou Native Plant Nursery (TKW) – a community-based facility currently under construction.  This facility is a place where native plant seedlings are raised, a place where our tamariki can come and learn about practical hands on conservation and habitat restoration.  Potting up seedlings, watering, weeding and then planting saplings out in the environment. 

All were approved at the 72nd AGM held on 14th October 2020