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Sport Northland aim to assist Regional Sporting Organisations (RSOs), clubs and schools to become more efficient and effective organisations in their delivery of sport. We have the philosophy that “sport owns sport”; which means that sports are responsible for running their own sport. Our work is focused on supporting and advising sporting organisations, ensuring that they are able to achieve their goals and do so in a sustainable and valued way.

There are a variety of different things that clubs and RSOs can do to increase capability, and we are able to help you find the right information to guide your sport or club. 

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Integrity in Sport

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Sport organisations operate in a dynamic environment and face many pressing challenges. A good planning approach will enable an organisation to better understand those challenges, make strategic choices, establish a clear direction and gain stakeholder support.

Planning is also the mechanism by which an organisation ensures alignment between its desired
direction and the resources and activity necessary to achieve the desired strategic outcomes.

Poor planning puts an organisation at risk of making poor decisions and operating in a reactive
rather than proactive manner.


This resource provides an overview of organisational planning, specifically the process of strategic planning.

Sport Northland is available to answer questions or assist organsations in their strategic planning.

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Clubs are formed for many reasons. Either as a result of established organisations expanding their operations or because one or more passionate people have the desire, or see the need, to provide the opportunity for people to experience their chosen sport or recreational activity. These opportunities can be provided through a good club structure.

Clubs are usually located to cater for a locally defined population and generally have one major programme interest. They exist to organise and provide opportunities for their sport or a recreational opportunity which might not be provided by individuals acting alone.

The need to follow a logical process to determine the feasibility of establishing a club in the initial stages is essential.

Sport NZ's 'Managing a Club' Resources are located above in the Club Management Information & Resources section.

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