The Sporty Team - Incident Report

23 February 2024 - unplanned issue with subdomains. [SOLVED]

At approximately 10:40am NZT Sporty remote monitoring reported an issue with subdomains that use

All custom domains were not impacted. Therefore, public visitor traffic was able to browse and visit most sites without experiencing any issue. However, since the subdomain is used by administrators to login to Sporty, they were unable to do so. Some mobile app services were also impacted.

The Name Servers for the domain are hosted and managed by a leading New Zealand domain Registrar. This Registrar was notified and started working to try to identify and resolve the cause of the issue.

The team at Sporty kept monitoring the situation and remained in regular contact with the Registrar. At 3:00pm the issue remained unresolved, so Sporty made the decision to shift Name Servers to a different Registrar and recreate all DNS Zone records there.

This action resolved the issue once the domain had time to transfer and for the DNS changes to propagate globally. All services were fully restored shortly after 4:00pm. Further investigation is intended with the original Registrar to try to learn the cause of the problem with their Name Servers.