The Sporty Team - Online Payments

Transaction fees from only 1% + GST

If you use or it's easy to let people pay your organisation by:

Credit card

Debit card

Direct debit

POLi internet banking

We have partnered with Stripe and POLi as well as Debitsuccess to bring more payment processing options for NZ sports clubs, schools and governing bodies.

POLi fees are only 1% + GST.  Not only that, but if your organisation is not-for-profit, the total fee is capped at $1 + GST per transaction. For example, for a $150 transaction, that's under 0.7% + GST. This tiny rate is huge news. It will save thousands of dollars per year.

Stripe fees are 2.9% + $0.30c per transaction for credit cards & debit cards. Sporty will continue to offer and support Debitsuccess as well, so don’t panic if you already have this enabled. It’s not going anywhere and it’s your choice.​​​​​​​

Whichever online payment processing options you choose, you still get the whole integrated workflow from the Sporty platform.

So the balance due, amount paid, and balance owing are easy for you to see for every transaction. 

When people pay you online, their payment is automatically reconciled against their record for you. This lets you avoid spending hours manually matching payments in your database against your bank statement.

If you use Xero, then Sporty can raise a draft invoice for you, or even a 'paid' invoice if payment has been made. Note that you can still connect with Xero for seamless invoicing even if you are not accepting payments online.

And don’t forget that the Sporty web form builder makes it easy to tick the ‘no pay, no play’ checkbox on your registration/renewal forms to make online payment mandatory if you wish.​​​​​​

Make it EASY for people to pay you online​​​​​​​

Compare payment providers and choose those that suit your needs. From 1% + GST.

Once we've enabled your payments, it's easy for you to set your own products & prices.

Whenever someone pays  you online, it automatically updates their record for you.

+ No monthly fees
+ No hidden costs
+ Secure

Get started by letting us know which payment options you're interested in.​​​​​​

Soon you'll be accepting...

POLi internet banking 
Direct debit
Debit card
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)