The Sporty Team - SuperForms National Database


The smartest solution for building a national or regional database.

SuperForms make it easy for national or regional sports organisations automatically receive consolidated membership data from all affiliated clubs and schools, while still respecting the privacy requirements of each club and school.

The key fields on the membership form (eg Name, Gender, Date of Birth) are set by the governing  body. RSOs and clubs/schools can then add their own question fields to gather the extra information needed at their own level.

    SuperForms gives organisations at all levels the ability to manage and communicate with all people without spending money on a separate member management system.

    Each club and school gets their own login with these powerful features:

    • The ability to add their own fields to their local copy of the official form if they wish.
    • Clubs & schools can add products and let people pay fees when they complete the official form.
    • Able to display their version of the official form on their website, Facebook or share via email or link.
    • People then register online, either directly through their club/school form or via their school sports coordinator.
    • Clubs and schools can login and manage their own local database associated with the official form.
    • They can drag & drop people into teams for automated team entry into SKED competition management system.
    • Clubs and schools can use the e-Newsletter facility and all the other free tools that come from Sporty.
    • They can give people the role of team admin or scorer to enable access to the Game Day Scoring mobile app (if enabled).
    • The national or regional sports organisation can set grade lists and closing dates for registrations and team entries.
    • The governing body can generate consolidated reports in Excel format at any time that includes all people.
    • ​​​​​​​All data automatically updates in real-time within SuperCRM Member Management system at each level.

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