School Programmes

Get into Golf Programme

SNAG golf 

This programme incorporates modified equipment that allows golf to be learned with positive results in a fun environment. Flags are used to learn the grip, stance and posture in an interactive way, before using oversized clubs, velcro targets and tennis balls to practice the basic golf fundamentals.

The progamme can be delivered delivered during curriculum, lunchtime or afterschool on your field, turf or courts

Click here to view SNAG golf in action

If you would like to know more or check availability please contact Waikato Golf Office on (07) 849 1328 

Fun Golf Days at the local course

These days provide children with an opportunity to experience golf on a 'real' golf course in a friendly and safe environment.  Teams play 'rotate golf' over 6 - 8 shortened holes.  It is an ideal follow on from the 'Get into golf' in school programme.

Ambrose Days

These days are an opportunity for secondary students to get out onto the golf course and try golf.  They can be arranged as Inter-school competition or as a competition within the school.

Contact the Waikato Golf Office on 07-849 1328 if your school is interested in this programme.

Kiwisport Golf

In summary, the outcomes of Kiwisport are to:

  1. Increase numbers of young people (5 – 18) participating.
  2. Grow ability of towns and communities to provide sport.
  3. Identify, recruit and develop local people to help deliver sport.
  4. Increase the skills and confidence of young people to participate.

Increasing numbers participating:

  1. We particularly want non-sporty young people involved.
  2. We want secondary school students involved.
  3. The programmes run in a town will be designed to attract new comers to the sport but also to challenge those with a bit more experience and skill.
  4. Local promotion will be needed. Hopefully schools, clubs and local media can help.
  5. Kiwisport will try hard not to clash with any existing sporting activities. There is an opportunity for Kiwisport to add value to what is already happening.
  6. The idea is that Kiwisport will provide a taste and hook in the young people to the sport.

For further information on Golf Development or Kiwi Sport Golf, please contact us at the office.

Phone: (07) 849 1328