Badminton is one of the founding sports of the NZ Masters Games held in Wanganui every second year. The first Games in 1989 saw 32 competitors participating in the 3 disciplines (singles, doubles, mixed) held over 3 days. Popularity has grown to now see around 120 competitors battle for honours over 5 days.

Badminton dates for the 2019 edition are:
Saturday 2  to Wednesday 6 February.

Saturday:  Mixed Doubles

Sunday:    Womens/Mens Doubles

Monday:    Womens/Mens Singles; Social Mens/Womens Doubles

Tuesday:  Teams Event

Wednesday:  Teams event

The singles, doubles and mixed doubles events are divided into 4 age categories of:

35+, 45+, 55+, 65+

The Teams Event is divided into 3 categories:

35+ Competitive, 35+ Open, 55+ Open

The social doubles on Monday are for those players who have not played in any open event.

The age eligibility is as at 2 February 2019. (i.e. a player must have attained the mimimum age for that age group as at 2 February).

On-line entry is available at the NZ Masters Games website.

All the events will be played at the Springvale Stadium Extension, Springvale Park, 224 London Street.

On Saturday (2 Feb) the mixed doubles events will start at 9-00am for the 35+ and 55+ open grades. The 45+ and 65+ open grades will commence at approximately 1-00pm.

A similar pattern will apply for the womens/mens doubles on Sunday.

Singles play on Monday also follows the pattern except that the 1-00pm start time comes earlier to 11-00am.

The teams event start at 9-00am on both Tuesday and Wednesday.