The skills undertaken with badminton are the Striking Skills element of the Fundamental Sports Skills.

Striking skills are at the top end of the Fundamental Sports Skills and badminton uses these skills in the most comprehensive way compared to any other sport.

In badminton the shuttle is struck while it is in the air and the game is played extensively in the 3 dimensions (length, width and height) resulting in shots being undertaken in the full 360 degree around the body.

The Striking Skills Programme is delivered to pupils in the Year 3 to 8 age band and consists of 3 Modules each consisting of 4 lessons. Each lesson develops and progresses the skills learnt.
During the 4th session an assessment of each pupil's skill levels is made.

Each lesson is based on an hour's duration and equipment provided for every student has the whole class actively participating for that time.

Lessons are delivered at the Springvale Stadium Extension (the home of Badminton Whanganui) and are currently charged at $50 per lesson.

Year 3 is an ideal age to introduce children to these skills as at this age they are entering the next phase of their Fundamental Skills Development.