Club Closures

Updated 1 April 2024: 

This coming Sunday 7 April 2024 the Whitford club will only be open to current members. The Beginner's Have-a-go / coaching lessons will not be available as all the coaches will be at the NZFAA competition at the Franklin Club


Coming Up at Whitford



Coming Up with NZFAA

Sunday 7 Apr 2024: NZFAA Marked League Round 3. Franklin 2x14 Hunter

Sat 4- Sun 5 May 2024: NZFAA Marked Nationals. Kapiti, Hunter 1x28 + Animal 1x28

Remember to keep an eye on the dates for upcoming NZFAA events - the best place is on the NZFAA website calendar - here's a link:




1. Vehicle headlights must be turned on when driving inside the forest perimeter

​​​​​​​2. Closed footwear must be worn. No open toe footwear such as jandals, sandals, slides, bare feet etc.


Thinking of Joining WFA?

The Membership Application Form with details on fees can be found under the Downloads section.


Whitford Forrest Archers

Archery is a family sport that can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female.

Whitford Forrest Archers have resided in the Whitford Forest since 1987 and was started by a local man for field shooters in the area.

The club currently has a 14 field target course that has one of the best views across the harbour to Rangitoto Island. It also has a 20 paper target animal course that can be substituted for 3D animals when required.

Whilst the club itself specialises in field archery, it also supports those that wish to take part in other disciplines such as target archery.

We welcome compound, recurve and longbow shooters and our club membership covers all ages and shooting divisions. Our members regularly compete both Nationally and Internationally.


​​​​​​​Introduction Lessons

For those interested in having a go or having some basic coaching and instruction, please be aware of the following:

  • Lessons are only held on Sunday Mornings. If lessons cannot be held due to any reason on any particular date, notices are posted on this web page (above) and the Whitford Forrest Archers facebook, so please check before coming to avoid disappointment.
  • You must arrive promptly at 9. The lesson starts shortly after 9am and ends at 10am. If you arrive later there is a good chance that you will be turned away and asked to come back at a later date.
  • We can only accommodate limited numbers due to available space for safety conditions, coaches and equipment. Our maximum numbers per class are 10. The minimum age for students is 8 years.
  • Please do not be offended if we do have to turn you away , but due to safety reasons we may have to do this if we have high numbers of people.
  • Archery is a sport where serious accidents can happen if the conditions are unsafe and Whitford Forrest Archers take the safety of our members and visitors very seriously. 
  • We cannot have small children around the practice range as they pose a safety risk for all archers and coaches. If you bring children with you please make sure that they have an adult (or someone 14+) to supervise them during your lesson. 

President-Whitford Forrest Archers.