2 December 2021

As of 3 December 2021 NZ is moving to the Traffic Light System of Covid 19 Alert levels.

Auckland's light setting is to be red.

As archery is an outdoor sport, this will allow the club to open generally, provided there are no more than 25 people present.

At this stage the club can operate on a No Vaccine Pass required basis, as the requirements of that are considered sufficient for outdoor sports under the red traffic light setting. This may change at a later date, depending on decisions made by either or both the International and/or National Field Archery Associations.

It is recommended that social distancing of 1-2 m is observed as a precaution. This applies in particular if indoors. (we recommend that people stay outside the club room if they are not required to be there as it is a fairly confined space)

We also recommend that people do not share, or touch another person's archery equipment.

Although not mandatory in our situation, the government guidelines recommend the wearing of face masks/coverings whenever you leave your home. 

We also remind everyone that if you are symptomatic, do not attend the club and follow established guidelines & protocols for self isolation and testing, obtaining negative results prior to attending.


18 October 2021

Due to the current criteria of Alert level 3, it has been decided that the club is able to open in  a limited capacity, provided certain criteria are met and adhered to. This will enable you to at least get back to some shooting. The following process must be followed please:

  1. Current financial members only, no non-members or new people.
  2. Do not go into the club room itself. Register at the table situated in the front doorway.
  3. Scan the QR code for contact tracing, There is hand disinfectant available there if required.
  4. Enter your name  in the archer registration book on the table. Scorecards are available there in a plastic holder. Take your card home with you after your shoot.
  5. There will be an honesty drop box for shoot fees to be put into.
  6. You must have your own shooting equipment, bows, arrows etc. The club equipment will not be available for use at this time.
  7. Shoot in your bubble only, as per current Auckland Alert level 3 guidelines.
  8. Maintain social distancing as required, for example on the practise range, and between shooting bubbles when out on the course.
  9. Wear a face covering/mask when appropriate.
  10. No coaching/instruction will be undertaken at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure everyone stays safe.