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NZPF Classification Totals and How They Work

To compete at higher level competition a lifter must achieve the qualifying total for each competition and must be achieved within 12 months of the contest a competitior is intending to compete.

The qualifying totals apply for (except where dispensation has been granted):

  • Regional Championships (North & South Island)
  • National Championships
  • International events
  • World Championships

To compete at Nationals you must compete in either North/South Islands or a regional championship in the same year of the Nationals event you wish to compete in. Unless dispensation is granted. 

To compete at an international event you must compete at the Nationals in the year of the event (or the previous year in the case of international events that fall prior to nationals in that calendar year). Unless dispensation has been granted. 

NZPF Classification Qualifying Totals click here

Membership and competition participation rules   click here

For further information on NZPF qualifying criteria please check out the NZPF website here