Wellington & Central Powerlifting

Records can only be claimed if a WCPA and NZPF member for 6months+ at time of comp.  The exception is if this is your second consecutive comp as a paid member and under 6 months the record will count. . If you compete in a novice competition for your first competition and are not a member this competition does not count.  You must have been a paid member as of the Novice comp date for it to count, joining immediately afterwards does not allow that comp to count.

Records will be updated after every WCPA and NZPF national or IPF international Competition going forward. Records can be claimed provided calibrated plates are used and you are a financial member of WCPA and NZPF. 

Seperate Bench Only records are maintained. You can set bench only records in a 3 lift competition but can not set the bench records for 3 lift records in a bench only competition. 

If record is listed as Standard, you can set the record by equaling the standard.

For any questions or corrections to records please contact our record keeper Paul MacManus