Etiquette, courtesy, consideration of others, whatever you call it, there are good habits and procedures that make the game of bowls more enjoyable for everyone. However there are areas of concern, which have been brought to our notice and so a series of acceptable procedures, are listed below for guidance. Please consider these procedures, discuss them with your fellow bowlers and where thought necessary, suggest some improvements, so that all members may benefit.

1. At completion of an end.
o The Lead of the team that wins the end immediately picks up and lays the mat.
o All players help in placing the bowls at a suitable distance behind the mat.  Safety is number one here!
o Both Leads combine to obtain the Jack and the first bowl.
o Other bowlers must be ready for their turn.  Too much time can be wasted getting onto the green, finding bowls and preparing to bowl.

2. When changing ends.
o Be ready to move after Director delivers last bowl.
o Keep behind the last bowler so that he/she may follow the course of their bowl.
o Move at a steady rate and keep well within your own rink.
o Skips, please refrain from prolonged discussion on the green
o With limited time games, slow and spread out changeovers disrupt adjoining rinks as well as your own.

3. When delivering your bowls.
o Prior to delivery note that the path of your bowl is clear.  Too many bowlers just barge ahead.  If there is a bowler ready to bowl towards you, decide on who has first delivery.  A gesture of thanks is appreciated, if you are first.
o If waiting to bowl, stand at least 1 metre behind the mat.  Do not disturb the bowler on the mat.
o Note that the mat/head is not yours until the opponent’s bowl has stopped.
o At the point of delivery part of one foot must be on or over the mat, otherwise you are foot­faulting.
o Once you have delivered you bowl, you may move forward up to six metres – no more – unless you arrive at the head before your bowl stops.
o If you have moved forward after delivering your bowl, you must return to behind the mat, before your bowl stops.
o Some players, so intent in watching the progress of their bowl, move sideways, and at times encroach on an adjoining rink.  Please try not to do this.
o Applauding an opponent’s wayward bowl lacks sportsmanship.

4. Deciding shot(s) and measuring.
o Only Directors do the initial examination and measuring.

o As the shots are agreed they should be removed from the head and placed in a group.

o Leads and Seconds must keep out of the way and not affect play on adjoining rinks.
o Once the Directors have made a decision, the Lead or Second may ask for closer examination of specific shot(s).
​​​​​​​o When an Umpire is called, please keep well away from the head as a courtesy.

o When a Director has an injury or disability that affects the ability to measure, the Skip may call on a Lead or Second to measure (please advise the opposing Skip).

5. Communication – Skip to player – Skip to Director.
o The Skip should make clear, concise directions.
o Don’t give options. As much as possible, give one definite shot.
o The discussion between Skip and player is valuable when there are difficult shots, but the Skip has the final say.
o Players must appreciate that the shot asked, be it to the Jack or to attack the head is to give the Skip a better chance to win the end.
o When the shot played is not what the Skip asked for, the Skip or Director should think about their discussions before challenging the player.
o When the Skip is playing his/her first bowl and has only just left the head, the Director should not interrupt or interfere.
o It is customary to ‘shake hands’ with your opponent before and after the game, to thank Markers and Officials, and to leave the rink tidy.
Please do not leave bowling bags on seats, and keep clear of any walkway.

6. The Executive would like to remind bowlers that when we have visitors playing bowls at our club it is good manners to sit with the team members that you have just played. Especially during the lunch break and at the end of play.

Enjoy – Bowls is a GAME!