l. The plate umpire or base umpire shall have equal authority to
1. Call a runner out for leaving a base too soon.
2. Call ''TIME" for suspension of play.
3. Remove, or eject, a player, coach or manager from the game for violation of rules.
4. Call all illegal pitches.
5. Determine and call an infield fly.

m. The umpire shall declare the batter or runner out without waiting for an appeal for such decision in all cases where such player is retired in accordance with these rules.  
NOTE: Unless appealed to, the umpire does not call a player out or penalize him for having failed to touch base, leaving a base too soon on a caught fly ball, batting out of order, being an unreported substitute, being an Illegal Re-Entry, the replacement player or returning withdrawn player do not report, being a runner who switched positions on bases with another runner,   or making an attempt to go to second base after reaching first base, as provided in these rules.
n. Umpires shall not penalize a team for infraction of a rule when imposing the penalty would be to the advantage of the offending team.
o. Failure of umpires to adhere to Rule 10 shall not be grounds for protest. These are guidelines for umpires.