2011 SNZ Rules Examination Paper 
The SNZ Rules Examination

This exam may be taken as an open book examination for all grade levels. All umpires undertaking a qualification examination along with all Level 3, 2 and 1 umpires are required to return their answer sheets for marking.  Level 3 umpires wishing to be field examined for their NZ Badge (Level 4) are required to:

“Attain a pass mark of 70% in the season to which you are being field examined for"

Please refer to the Examination and Grading Policy on our website for further information.  This can be viewed by clicking here - Examination and Grading Click Here

Answer sheets are required to be returned by Monday 31 October 2011 for marking as marks are required to confirm eligibility to be examined at this season's National Tournaments.  Umpires Level 4 and above should complete this paper as a Rules Refresher for the forthcoming season and return your answer sheet by the return date above for marking.

This is a True / False examination.


Only the Answer sheet is required to be returned for marking.