Protests shall not be received, or considered, if they are based solely on a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of an umpire, or if the team lodging the protest won the game.  
Examples of protest that will not be considered are
a. Whether a batted ball was fair, or foul.
b. Whether a runner was safe, or out.
c. Whether a pitched ball was a strike, or a ball.
d. Whether a pitch was legal, or illegal.
e. Whether a runner did, or did not, touch a base.
f. Whether a runner left the base too soon on a caught fly ball.
g. Whether a fly ball was, or was not, caught legally.
h. Whether it was, or was not, an Infield Fly.
i. Whether there was, or was not, an interference.
j. Whether there was, or was not, an obstruction.
k. Whether a player, or live ball, did or did not, enter a dead ball area, or touch some object or person in a dead ball area.
l. Whether a batted ball did, or did not, clear the fence in flight.
m. Whether the field is fit to continue, or resume, play.
n. Whether there is sufficient light to continue play.
o. Any other matter involving only the accuracy of the umpire's judgment.