R5 hNZ Time Limit for all SNZ U15 tournaments shall be 1 hour 45 minutes
SNZ Time Limit Playing Rules refer to Appendix 7


a. A run ahead rule shall be used at all Tournaments and Championships
1. (FP ONLY) Fifteen (15) runs after three (3) innings; ten (10) runs after four (4) innings or seven (7) runs after (5) innings.

2. (SP ONLY) Twenty (20) runs after four (4) innings or fifteen (15) runs after five (5) innings.
b. Complete innings must be played unless the team second at bat scores the required number of runs while at bat.  
When the team first at bat reaches the required number of runs in the top half of the inning, the team second at bat must have their opportunity to bat in the bottom half of the inning.


a. One run shall be scored each time a runner legally touches first, second, third bases and home plate before the third out of the inning.
EXCEPTION:  When the tie-breaker is used, the runner starting at second base does not have to touch first base in order for a legal run to be scored.
b. A run shall not be scored if the third and/or last out of the inning is a result of
1. The batter-runner being put out before legally touching first base.
2. A runner being forced out (including on an appeal play) due to the batter becoming a batter-runner.
3. (FP ONLY) The runner fails to keep contact with the base to which he is entitled until a pitch is released.
4. (SP ONLY) The runner fails to keep contact with the base to which he is entitled until a pitch is batted or reached home plate.
5. A preceding runner being declared out.
c. Additional out appeals may be made after the third out to remove a run(s).


a. Offensive Conferences.  There shall only be one charged offensive conference in an inning.

NOTE:  1. This includes the batter, runner, on-deck batter and the coaches among themselves.
2. It is not a charged conference when a pitcher is putting on a warm-up jacket while on base, or if the offense confers while the defensive team is in conference, provided the offense is ready to play when the defense is ready.
3. Umpires should not permit any such conferences in excess of one per inning.

EFFECT – Sec. 8a:  
A second charged conference shall result in the ejection of the manager or coach insisting on another charged conference.

b. Defensive Conferences.  There shall only be three charged defensive conferences in a seven-inning game. For every inning beyond seven, there shall be one charged conference per inning.

NOTE: 1. A conference includes players in the field leaving their position and going to the dugout for instructions, regardless of whether ‘Time’ has been requested or not.
2.  Should a coach/manager report a pitching change to the plate umpire, either before or after communicating with the pitcher, it is not a charged conference.