What are they?
The club champs are an "in-house" competition where children will have the opportunity to be accurately timed and measured in 1 or more events as per the club champs program.

Why do we do them?
1. To give children more competition like experience; especially as preparation for the WaiBOP Childrens Champs which are held at the end of the season.
2. To give children a chance to strive for and possibly break club records.
3. To accumulate points which are used for awarding some of the end-of-season trophies.
4. To give children the chance to put into practise what they've learnt throughout the season and to try and achieve some personal bests. 

What awards are given?
Certificates are awarded to the top 4 boys and girls in each age group for each event. Also for each of these, 4 points are given to 1st place, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for 4th.

What happens if my child can't make it, can they be measured or timed on another night?
No unfortunately, the club champs program is fixed. With such large numbers of children we need to stick to a strict program in order to get everyone through in the time available.

What are the conditions for breaking a club record?
The current records are listed on the recording sheets for each event (they're also listed here on the club web site). During the club champs, any time or measurement that is a potential record must be ratified immediately by at least 2 committee members.

Is help required?
Yes it is. To accurately and fairly conduct the club champs we'll need a significant amount of help from parents and caregivers. We'll need people to:
1. Rake, measure, observe and record at the long jump and triple jump.
2. Retrieve implements, measure and record at the discus and shot put.
3. Observe and record at the high jump.
4. Time and record the various sprint and distance running events.
5. And lastly, with so many children to manage, we'll need help grouping them as required, keeping them in order and if they're not competing, then possibly helping out with games and other activities.

If you need more information on how events are timed or measured then these one page guides are a great start:

One Page Guides for Childrens Track and Field Events.pdf​​​​​​​