About our club

The Ferrymead Fishing Club was formed around 1995 by a mix of fresh and saltwater anglers keen to share in a club organisation. In 1997 we became an incorporated society and our club is a member of the International Game Fishing Association.

The club offers opportunities for boat-based and land-based anglers, targeting either freshwater or saltwater fish. Many of our anglers also enjoy diving.

What we do to promote families fishing

Families are a very important aspect of our club. There are trophies for the junior anglers to aim for and we endeavour to plan activities and trips throughout the year to include the whole family where possible.

We really enjoy seeing the kids getting out there and having a go. For Christmas we hold a Club BBQ and Kid's Prizegiving which is very popular!

To encourage the whole family to fish together we also offer a family membership with reduced subscriptions.

Opportunities to fish competitively?

There’s plenty of opportunity to fish competitively, if that’s what you’d like to do. As a club we are proudly represented in most local fresh and salt water fishing events and we also host a number of our own inter-club competitions.

We have regular lucky draws for the successful fisher people among us. Fill out a catch form recording your success, get it to our Weighmaster and you’ll go into the draw made each club night. The catch forms are later used to decide individual winners for the end-of-year prizegiving – there is a wide range of in house trophy categories for the men, women and kids of our club.

Do you just want to fish?

Regular trips are organised during the year covering both salt and freshwater fishing. Throughout the year we organise trips out of the immediate Canterbury area to places like Kaikoura (March), French Pass (June/July), Lake Benmore (Queen's Birthday) and Moeraki (October). Every couple of years or so will often see an organised trip to fishing grounds further afield - some past trips included Fiordland, Whakatane & Three Kings.

We also encourage our members to get together and organise their own trips, with some success in major game species trips to the Bay of Plenty and Taranaki with Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna.

Some members have a keen interest in diving and we also have some very successful shore anglers who regularly catch good Salmon and Trout around the region.

We mustn't forget our Surfcasters who have been very successful over the past few of years.

Getting together

We hold a club night once a month on the 2nd Monday of each month beginning at 7:30pm

These meetings keep our members up to date with what’s happening for our club (they’re also a perfect chance to catch up with each other).

Whenever possible we also have a guest speaker at the meeting or workshops on fishing tackle, techniques, boating safety, etc. Maybe we’ll see you there one night soon!

From time to time we also organise some club dinners - a chance to get together over a meal.


The Stock Xchange, Marshland Road, Christchurch.