Last updated 21st March 2022

It was suggested in 2013 that we compile a KKTC club history to go on the website.  Thanks to (GPS) Ted, who has gathered a heap of information and input from many other club members the project is nearing completion.  In the meantime, see the results so far by clicking on KKTC Club History on the left.

In the meantime, click on 'KKTC Club Trip Attendance Record' to see a record of past club trips dating back to the formation of the club. This will be updated from time to time to include the most recent trips.

However, If other members have any more information about the early days of the club (when it was started, who were the founding members, club officers etc), it will help to fill in a few of the gaps in our collection.  Many of the early members will not have access to the internet, so if you know someone like that who can help, it would be good if you could talk to them, (make notes if possible) and, with their permission, send Peter that information.

Recently added is an account from founding member Peter Billinghurst of his time with the club when it was first started back in early 1974.  Of particular interest is his account of a day tramp that didn't go according to plan.  See his report of this tramp (Memories of the First Years of KKTC)

A group known as The Elusive Trackers put together a guide to some tracks in the Kaimais around 1975. Starting in 1972, the group of students from Otumoetai College under the leadership of a teacher, Colin Hewens, worked on tracks up Hot Spring’s Road.  Click on the Elusive Trackers link to view this document.