Photo Competition  April 2022 (Date to be decided)
There are four categories, People, Places, Things and Overseas (tramping related please)
Deliver the prints to Marie Rae at 7 Shaw Rd,  Waihi Beach.  Enter as many as you like. There will be prizes!
Photos must have been taken within the last year on a tramping-related trip.
Label the back with your name, the category and title.
Maximum size 150mm x 100 mm (postcard). Panoramic may be longer than 150 mm.
Judging is by popular vote at the April AGM meeting.

Peter will print member's photos if desired.  Printed on glossy photo paper at mates rates, cost to be decided but minimal.  Send photos by email or submit on a USB pen drive.

FMC Competition
Winning prints in the club competition that fit any of the categories below will also be eligible for the 2016 FMC photo competition.

  • Outdoor Landscapes (no people);
  • Hut or Camp Life;
  • Above the Bushline;
  • Below the Bushline;
  • Native Flora and Fauna (no people);
  • Historic.

FMC rules are:

  • Panoramic stitched images are acceptable provided the only manipulation other than stitching is cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
  • Must be taken in the last year by a member of the club and may not have won awards in any other photographic competition other than the member's own club photo competition.
  • Entries in the Historic category can be submitted as original prints or colour slides (these will be returned) or scanned and submitted electronically. If scanned they should be at least 600 pixels on each dimension.
  • All photos must be taken in New Zealand

NOTE: To be entered in the FMC competition, all entries (except in Historic category) must also be available electronically with a file size between 500kB and 5MB as jpg files. The only digital manipulation permitted is cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.