Procedure for joining KKTC

If you wish to join our club, contact Laraine Hughes, our program officer on 021 073 7084.  There is no formal procedure, but we encourage prospective members to take part in at least one day tramp before making a decision.  This enables us to get to know each other.

  • Check out coming tramps or trips on the ‘Trip Schedules and Meetings’ page and select one that you think would suit you.  It is best to choose one that is rated ‘Easy’ if you are unsure of your tramping abilities.  On the Nuts and Bolts page check out the trip grading under Trip Procedures to see what is considered ‘Easy’.
  • Also on this page are the full details of what is expected of those taking part in a club tramp or trip, and information on what gear and clothing to take.
  • Contact the leader for that tramp by email or phone.  They will want to know a little about your previous walking experience, and will give you an idea of what to expect on this particular walk.
  • You will need to advise the leader of any health or other issues that might affect your ability to complete the walk.
  • Be aware that all our members are volunteers, and that tramping involves some risks.  KKTC follows reasonable safety procedures, however leaders or the club cannot be held liable.  Participants are ultimately responsible for their own safety.
  • Annual club fees are $20 per person, payable on joining and subsequently at the time of the AGM each year.