2024 Law Updates including NZ Rugby Game Innovations (EDSLVs)

2024 Law Updates

Going into the 2024 Community Rugby season, there are a number of tweaks and edits to law which are important for all participants to be across. World Rugby released two Global Law Trials which now come into effect here, along with a raft of Law Application Guidelines for current law. NZ Rugby has refined its EDSLVs down to three and set these in place for 2024. Read below for everything you need to know.

1. Reduced tackle height to below the sternum targeting the belly area for all community rugby grades

The first tackler must tackle below the sternum and target the belly area. The second tackler can legally tackle below the shoulders in accordance with current rugby law click here for more information

2. Defensive halfback offside at scrum for all community rugby grades

The halfback of the team not in possession must remain 1 metre from the scrum and may not advance past the tunnel until the scrum has ended click here for more information

3. Maximum 1.5 metre scrum push for all community rugby, excluding senior premier club rugby grades

The maximum push of any scrum is limited to 1.5 metres, unless the scrum is within 5 metres of the goal line. Please note: Small Blacks rugby at U12 and U13s is already limited to a maximum 0.5 metre scrum push and Teenage rugby is also limited to a maximum 1.5 metre scrum push click here for more information

4. 20-minute Red Card Replacement 

If a Player receives a Red Card, they may be replaced after 20 minutes by another Player. The 20 minutes is measured as “game time” (means clock is stopped when the game clock is stopped)