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The page is for members to use to assist you to refresh / improve your knowledge in aspects that affect / influence our sport - information below:

  • Drugfree Sport NZ: e-learning
  • IPF rules
  • NZPF certified coach course and exam

Use of supplements - reminder from the IPF -  Click Here 

Drug Testing

Drug Testing may be conducted at ANY NZPF sanctioned contests. This includes all contests held by Provincial Associations for financial lifters, who MUST ALL be registered with the NZPF and that all athletes/lifters that are registered to NZPF and compete in NZPF sanction events are subject to both in competition and out of competition testingPlease note that any positive tests will result in a ban, determined by Drug Free NZ, depending on the severity and ranging from 3 months, two years or possibly life. Also should any competitor test positive in an international competition that person is liable for a fine from the IPF (currently it is approximately 1000 euro).

Cannabis is a banned substance, even if used recreationally therefore if you are competing we recommend you avoid using it.

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So far it links to the following resources:

  • Drugfree sport NZ online learning - level one
  • Drugfree sport NZ online learning - level two
  • Drugfree sport NZ online learning - coaches
  • IPF - rules of competition
  • IPF - approval apparel 
  • IPF - codes and guidelines

This is for our:

  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Referees
  • Athletes

Drugfree sport

Drug Free Sport NZ has introduced three state-of-the-art e-learning programmes to ensure that as many athletes, coaches and support personnel as possible get access to anti-doping education.

Our online programmes enable athletes and support personnel to access a range of modules about the anti-doping rules and the risks of doping from anywhere in the world at any time. The programmes provide more athletes than ever before with comprehensive education to help them understand their responsibilities to clean sport and the risks associated with doping.


The seven module Level One anti-doping education programme covers essentials such as:

  • prohibited substances and methods
  • taking medications while competing
  • the risks of supplement use and;
  • drug testing

E-Learning also provides links to DFSNZ's Twitter feed, online videos and resources. 


Level Two is for athletes and support personnel who have previously completed the Level One programme. It recaps key anti-doping messages and provides updates on need-to-know information. This programme is primarily designed for those who compete or coach at national or international levels.

If you do not need your completion registered by DFSNZ (eg school student, teacher or support personnel), please launch the e-learning programmes here: 

Level OneClick here

Level Two: Click here

Coaches: Click here


As a coach, you are often the main point of contact for your athletes on a range of areas relating to their performance. In addition to technical expertise in your chosen sport, you may also offer advice about physical conditioning, nutrition, mental preparation and competition scheduling. But have you considered how anti‑doping fits into your coaching programme?

As a coach, you are bound by the anti‑doping policy of your own sport. You should become familiar with the Sports Anti‑Doping Rules which apply to and impact coaches. You should also be aware of your role in preparing your athletes for doping control procedures and helping to shape their attitudes toward clean sport.

The Coaches programme provides practical ideas for coaches to create clean sporting environments in which to support their athletes. DFSNZ recommends all coaches, managers and parents complete the Coaches e-learning programme. In fact, six of the ten anti-doping rues apply directly to support personnel.

IPF Rules -  Click here

IPF Approved Gear List -  Click here

IPF Codes and Guidance -  Click here

NZPF Certified Coach Exam and Coach Course - Click here

Test you knowledge of Drugfree Sport 

Each test is no more than 10 questions. Click on the links below. Each one contains the Drugfree Sport NZ Handbook (Shared files tab) which we recommend you read prior to taking a test.

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