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Criteria for being eligible to sit a NZPF National Referee Exam:

  • A Provincial referee of at least two years standing, having officiated in the position as a referee with a minimum of two club and two or Provincial Championships within this period.

Additional considerations for the NZPF:

  • Experience as a Provincial Referee 

  • Competence as a Provincial Referee

  • Demonstrated willingness and availability to referee and contribute to our sport at the local level

  • Availability to referee at future National meets 

The following procedure will apply in the months before a North Island, South Island or National Championships, in which National referee exams will be held  

  1. Candidates apply through a form on the NZPF website

  2. If they fulfill the above criteria, they are nominated by their local Association to the NZPF Referee Development Officers 

In the case that we have more eligible candidates than there are opportunities to sit their exams, the following procedure will apply:

  1. The current RDOs chooses and ranks the candidates according to the above criteria, in consultation with the candidate's local association

  2. The selection committee determines from the Meet Organizers how many exam slots are available, and allocates who will have the opportunity to sit their exams. 

***How many candidates will have the opportunity to sit the exam will depend upon the availability of exam timeslots and RDOs to supervise.