How to Qualify for Regional, National and International Competitions

Participation rules (valid as at 30 July 2018) -  click here

We have highlighted the conditions regarding qualifying classes in respect of weight classes to assist members with the requirements when completing your entry forms for Nationals.

If any member has a query regarding qualifying that these queries are directed to a member of the NZPF NEC to provide an answer.

Qualifying Totals (Raw/Classic) click here

Qualifying Totals (Equipment Optional) click here

Qualifying Totals (Special Olympics Athletes) click here​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

There is no qualifying standard at club or provincial competitions, please check with your provincial association as to whether they have participation requirements prior to competing at regionals.

The qualifying totals apply for (except where dispensation has been granted):

  • National Championships
  • International events
  • World Championships

Team Selection for International Events

  • Participant must submit an international application
  • Participant need to be mindful of closing dates - 90 days prior to international competition opening day
  • The NEC is responsible for selecting those to represent NZ: competitors, coaches, managers
  • The NEC must submit a list of the team to the organisers a minimum of 60 days out from the competition opening day (first cut)
  • The NEC then must submit a final list a minimum of 21 days out from the competition opening day (final team)

Where the numbers exceed a category reserves will be named in the first cut. Reserves will only replace those where someone pulls out and can fill the appropriate vacancy. Team members cannot change after the final team has been submitted. If someone pulls out within the final 21 days they cannot be replaced.

NEC Team Selection Process to Represent New Zealand Internationally

  1. Has the applicant meet the qualifying criteria
  2. Does the applicant's total equal or exceed the qualiyfing total
  3. Fill age and weight classes first:
  4. MEN: SJ = 9, Jnr = 9, Open = 8, each master category = 8 each
  5. WOMEN: SJ = 9, Jnr = 9, Open = 8, each master category = 8 each
  6. IPF formula will determine the gaps (eg. Men's SJ does not have a 120kg applicant this means any of the other weight class applicants will be considered of the SJ applicants who has the highest IPF points)
  7. Where competitions have a B team option those in excess of the above will follow the same process from 1 - 6)
  8. Reserves will also be named in accordance with the above process

To assist Associations to select their team members to represent them at National Powerlifting Championships we have developed a team selection template, to use:  click here

Age Classes

Sub-Junior (under 18 years)
Junior (under 24 years)
Open (24-40 years)
Master I (40-49 years)
Master II (50-59 years)
Master III (60-69 years)
Master IV (70-79 years & women 70+)
Master V (80+ years - men only)

Weight Classes


​​​​​​​53kg(sJr and Jr Only)   59kg      66kg      74kg      83kg      93kg      105kg      120kg    120kg+


43kg(sJr and Jr Only)   47kg      52kg      57kg      63kg      69kg      76kg      84kg       84kg+

How to qualify for International competition if you are a New Zealander living overseas:

Registration - you need to:

  • join the Federation in the country you are living and provide proof of that membership 
  • join you local New Zealand Association and the New Zealand Powerlifting Federation
  • minimum registration periods apply as per the participation rules

Notification - you need to:

  • provide evidence of overseas membership, date of joining and is it current
  • advise Drugfree Sport NZ of your overseas address and the locally affiliated WADA organisation of the country in which you are residing


  • you must qualify in accordance with the NZ qualifying totals standards
  • the total achieved must be within a 12 month period of the intended competition in which you wish to represent NZ
  • you must provide proof such as a scoresheet of the oveseas competition in which you qualified
  • you must compete at the NZ National Championships in New Zealand and comply with rules of entry (except for competing at Provincials and Regionals unless you are in NZ at the time of either or both of these)
  • you must maintain contact with your local NZ Association as your entry to the Nationals may be restricted if an Association applies the Team selection criteria to represent your local NZ region / association at the Nationals

Selection process for representing NZ at an international competition:

  • you must have attained at least the qualifying total and competed at the relevant NZ National Championships
  • you will need complete the online international application available on this website and pay the application fee, a minimum of 90 days prior to the intended international competition start date
  • the National Executive Committee (NEC) will apply the documented selection process and reserves the right to select representatives on other grounds should there be merit in doing so


  • you do not need to apply for dispensation for not competing at Provincials or Regionals
  • you may apply for dispensation if you are unable to compete at Nationals 
  • if you need to apply, you will have to submit the dispensation request form which is on this website. It is available under forms and provide supporting evidence with your request
  • you need to submit the form as soon as possible as not all dispensation requests are approved
  • the usual reasons for applying for dispensation are:
  1. illness
  2. injury
  3. bereavement
  4. employment restrictions (such as travel etc)
  •  the NEC is not obliged to approve dispensation whether the reason is any of the usual reasons or other reason 

Recommendation that you:

  • sign up to the notifications email on the homepage of this website
  • join the New Zealand Powerlifting Facebook page
  • maintain regular contact with your NZ local Association
  • stay familiar with the NZPF requirements of membership and participation
  • are responsible for keeping yourself aware of the IPF, NZPF, Drugfree sport rules and guidelines