50th Jubilee 1933

On 7th October 1933 a record number attended the opening of the green for the 50th Jubilee year.  In quite a novel move a film was made of the occasion, which the club has on DVD. Check out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l3BhwtgsJw

That year their were 64 playing members and the Chair was Arthur Barnett.  In the evening, after an enjoyable afternoon, a successful concert was held in the pavilion - a no doubt fitting celebration for a club that was soon to have Charles Tyrrell as the Champion of Champions.

75th Jubilee 1958

A dinner and and social function was held in City Road Hall on Opening Day.

Centennial 1982/3

The Mayor Cliff Skeggs was the guest at Opening Day on 9th October 1982.  Celebrations included a Christmas Social at which Stuart Robertson entertained with his musical talents.  The Centennial Dinner was held at The Union Rugby Club, North Ground  on 17th March 1983.  The Mayor spoke and the reply by Harry Thoms was a highlight of the evening.  On 19th and 20th March the Centennial Fours was held in perfect weather with 82 entries.  Phil Dickson's St Clair team being the winner.

The lounge bar, kitchen and bar facilities were upgraded that year so a club licence could be obtained from the Licensing Commission.  Ken Stott was selected for the Junior Representative team.

125th Jubilee 2008

The 125th Jubilee was held over Labour Weekend 2008 and members did a considerable amount of work to have the building and grounds looking magnificent..  

The celebrations included a get together on Friday night at the club, a roll up at  the Westpac Indoor Stadium on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Jubilee Dinner that night at the same venue, where the Mayor was the special guest of honour.  On Sunday a roll up and final get together was held at the club.