The number of members dropped to just 13 in the 2007-08 season but a number of initiatives, under the guidance of President Ian Simpson, were in place to promote the club.

Twilight Bowls, one off social tournaments and awareness amongst the local community resulted in an increase in registered members but a big increase in the community involvement in the club. When bowls cannot be played the club has a darts board, pool table, cornholing and table tennis table as an alternative.  Indoor bowls mats can be rolled out and a Kubb game can be played outside. Keen gardeners spend time growing their vegetables and the project  of planting heritage fruit trees around the surrounds of the green began in 2018.  A brewery club is also operating.

The club in the second decade of the 21st century pulled down the earthquake risk chimney, painted the outside back wall, carpeted the building, extended the gear shed and increased its membership - one of the few clubs in the Dunedin area to do that. The club currently has over 30 interclub bowling members as well as other members involved with gardening, brewing, twilight bowls and general supportinve community members.

By the start of the 2021-22 season three heat pumps should be installed as well as the bar and kitchen floors being resurfaced.A new bar fridge and a kegorater have also been purchased for the bar. Bowls are now stored in easy access square boxes. Future plans are to have more heritage fruit trees planted and seats repainted.

In October 2021, the Centenary of the foromation of the Roslyn Women's Bolwing Cljub will be celebrated.

The club has made 33 people life members of which three, Isobel Bell, Ian Simpson and Geoff Simons, are active within the club.

The club owns the building and land at 6 Gamma St and so this places it in a strong position. Roslyn is on the Rise..

In Support of Geoff Simons Draws in the handbook were discontinued in the 2020-21 season and one year later a physical handbook was not produced.
Burglars target top sports clubs Dec 2013
Earlier burglary around 2006