Dora I Berry earned a prestigous 5 Star Gold badge after winning two Otago open singles (1961, 1964), two open pairs with E Moir (1974, 1979) and one Champion of Champion Pairs title with M Hood (1967).

B Crowe won a total of four Centre titles - two singles (1972, 1973),  one as R Muirhead's partner in the Open Pairs (1966) and another with M Hood in the Champion of Champion Pairs (1969).

Open Championships wins were also gained in 2001 with A Brosnan, E Middlemiss and V Sharples winning the triples.

Roslyn's Junior women had wins in the Junior fours (1962) and the Junior Singles (1998).

Ballard Brooch victories have occurred in 1963, 1972, 1977 and 1979 and these all involved Mrs Berry, Mrs Muirhead and Mrs Crowe.  Also involved were Mrs Hislop (1963), Mrs Hood (1972) and Mrs Sparrow (1977, 1979).

The next series of victories came in 2004 and 2005 with B Brown, J Dyhrberg, E Middlemiss and V Sharples involved. The Ballard Brooch was won again in 2006 and the Hislop Cup in 2007.


Ernest Harold Foundation (born 3rd May 1887) was a third generation member of the club.  His grandfather was Charles Foundation a founding member. He  was the winner of the National Singles in 1915 but was killed at Gallipoli just a few months later (27th April 1915).

Chrales E Tyrell, with R B Clark (skip), were the National Pairs Champions in 1938. He also won the Champion of Champion Singles in 1928, 1929 and 1934.  Other titles were the Easter Singles 1937, Champion Fours 1938 and 1943 plus the Easter Fours in 1940 and 1941.  Charles is the only male from Roslyn to win a 5 Star Gold Medal.

Andrew S Armstrong, A J McKay and Charles Tyrell won two Easter Fours (1940 and 1941) and one Champion Fours (1943).  A G Nicholls, W Lindsay and G Lindsay were the fourth members of these teams.

Mike Pattillo won the Champion of Championin Singles in 2020.  Andrew Maffey was runner-up in his first year of bowling in the Champion of Championin Junior Singles in 2021.