These aerodynamic beasts are considered by many in speedway as one of the glamour classes. These machines were introduced to NZ in the 70s as Modified Sportsman and have endured many challenges from the American introduced Sprintcars but have held their own. The small original aerofoils on the roof have been replaced over the years with some huge creations to improve the down force on the cars to get all the 600hp down to the ground and allow the 410cu inch engines to perform at their very best. They run a space frame chassis which being so light makes the cars seem like a bucking bronco at a rodeo and it takes a lot of skill to hang on to one of these race cars. They have a wheelbase of 2.13m minimum and 2.74 maximum and a vehicle width of 2.0m. Engines may be 4 Cylinder, Rotary, 6 Cylinder or small block V8 Production Engines running carburettors only and using methanol or pump gas. All engines over 300cu in must have Cast Iron Blocks and Cylinder Heads. The racing rules are the same as for Super Saloons and Saloons.

2023/24 Competitor List

3nz - Luke Brown

11a - Jamie Fox

21a - Garry Parker

63a - Daniel Crumpe

78a - Ray Chatfield