The Stockcar class is essentially the same construction and weight as Superstocks, but is an affordable form of racing as restrictions to OEM (Original Engine Manufacturers) equipment keep the class under control and bring more competitors into the sport. However it is as equally competitive as the Superstocks and it comes down to driver skills. Although the engines can be the same make they have to have standard OEM parts. Engines are only allowed 2 Valves per cylinder and roller rockers are not permitted unless they are OEM Equipment. Racing rules are the same as Superstocks and the Stockcars are just as hard hitting as their big brothers are, that is why they are one of the most popular classes in modern speedway today.

Competitor List

3nz - Gary Lonergan

4a - Brad Simpson 

5a - Jarred Lewis

7a - Josh Simpson

8a - Logan Peat

11a - Jeff Gallagher

12a - Brooke Clarkson

13a - Aaron Wilson

15a - Alicia Gordon

17a - Luke Irvine

23a - Tony Baldwin

28a - Shaun Thompson

34a - Mark Wearing

38a - Luke Roberts

45a - Corey Baker

47a -  Bill Fletcher

49a - Kyle Hickford

51a - Ali van Amsterdam

52a - Sam van Amsterdam

55a - Steve Sherriff

66a - Kyle Matthews 
​​​​​​​66a - Darren Bird

82a - Azaria Simpson

94a - Sam Wright

97a - Alex Harris

98a - Dillon Williamson

99a - Hayden Crumpe

112a - Mark McNabb

137a - Jordan Morris

168a - Billy Neill

168a - Cory Oram

208a - Blake Brooks

536a - Mitchell Williamson

641a - Angus Moore

659a - Matt Nathan

808a - Scott Tennant

912a - Caitlin Connolly