This is one of the non-contact glamour classes of speedway ovals. These cars look like the American style cars such as Corvettes, Pontiac Trans-Ams, Mustangs, Camaros, plus good old Aussie favourites, Ford and Holden being very popular too. They mostly run V8 engines over 4.6L with 2 valves per cylinder running fuel injection. These cars run fibreglass body panels and mostly nowadays, space frame chassis. They have a maximum 434 cu in engine running methanol fuel and can produce up to 800hp but only weigh 1000kgs so the power to weight ratio is amazing.

Competitor List

7a - Mike Slater

8a - Craig Cardwell

21a - Steve Williams 

26a - Wayne Garnett

36a - Mike Peglar

48a - Wade Jennings 

96a - Lance Jennings