The mighty Superstocks are always a crowd pleaser at Waikaraka Park, as the 400hp V8s & V6s often remind us of the circuit racing Muscle Cars with their lion type roar. These 1500kg Gladiators can be seen flag racing for a title or when the teams racing comes to town they change their persona to hard hitting, no nonsense extensions of their very brave drivers reaching speeds well over the 100km/h. The steel tubular constructed chassis is as solid as a World War tank and when they make contact with another it is for keeps so this class is not for the faint hearted. Racing rules prohibit straight lining into the wall and coming off the grass infield to attack another car and hitting a stationary car is a no no, however contact is allowed and that is what makes the class such a popular attraction to the motorsport fan in New Zealand.

Competitor List

6a - Nigel Clarke

7a - Shay Hambling

12a - Jamie Stanaway

17m/a -  Murray Kitt

19r/a - Jason Brown

51a - Wayne Whittaker

52a - David Hunter

57a - Daniel Pullen-Burry

63a - Holly Marx

66a - Randal Tarrant

72a - Cody McKee

73a - Bryce Marx

72a - Codi Chatfield

95a - Gary Lonergan

96a - Jamie Fergusson

97m/a - Aidan Eustace

166a -  Hayden Hart

247a - Hayden Chapman

707a - Tom Hughes

717a - Tyson Wootton

741a - Craig Chatfield