Use of Photos/Videos on our official Website and Social Media Platforms

Waiuku Softball Club uses photographs and video recordings to celebrate the success and enjoyment of our players, and for promotion and marketing purposes. The identification of the child or young person will not be disclosed unless the photograph is used to celebrate individual success and with permission from the parent/guardian and child.  We will always take great care to only show photographs that highlight the sport of softball itself - and video recordings that are child-safe and appropriate.

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We understand and respect that parents/guardians may have reasons for wanting to keep their childrens images off social media platforms.  Please email us with the name of your child and we will do our absolute best to exclude them from any identifiable images and videos that we publish online.  

Generally speaking, photographs taken in public spaces don’t require specific permission for posting on Social Media unless people have an expectation of privacy.  Other parents and spectators may be taking photos/videos of their own children and incidentally include images of your children.  

Waiuku Softball Club Committee Members are aware of and agree to the policies on Sport New Zealand Ihi Aotearoa which includes guidelines such as: Photography in changing rooms, toilets and showers is not allowed under any circumstances.  Children and young people must be dressed in clothing related to the sport and activity that does not expose them unnecessarily, and that images should focus on the sport or activity rather than the individual child or young person. Photos taken on mobile devices will be deleted within 7 days and not stored.  We engage the services of local sports photographer Billy Potter, he wears a Waiuku Softball Cap when at our events and we will introduce him to parents and children and check before games that you are comfortable with his presence.  

If at any time you are concerned about any other person at the softball ground, please notify a committee member, coach or manager immediately.