Rowing Uniform​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Total cost for a full set of compulsory uniform $550 ($650 including all highly recommended items).

Wellington College Rowing Club will be competing in many regattas this season either as WCRC or as Star Boating Club.  Items that are compulsory must be worn for travel to regattas and both on and off the water at regattas.  WCRC will most likely attend between 11 and 14 regattas over a season (depending on circumstances), so the rowing uniform purchased will be well used.

For any enquiries about rowing uniforms, please contact Sally Pitts-Brown [email protected]

Compulsory items ordered through WCRC:

  • WCRC rowsuit
  • WCRC racing cap
  • WCRC grey tee-shirt with long or short sleeves
  • WCRC grey Hoodie (or regular WC grey hoodie)
  • WCRC training shorts (PE shorts can be worn, but the training shorts are particularly styled for rowing)
  • Star rowsuit (WCRC racing cap is worn when racing as Star)

Compulsory items to be purchased individually:

  • Black Polypro – to be worn under the WCRC rowsuit (e.g. from Kathmandu)
  • White Polypro – to be worn under the Star rowsuit (e.g. from Kathmandu)

Highly recommended items ordered through WCRC:

  • A second WCRC grey tee-shirt with long or short sleeves
  • WCRC sports bag (these are personalised, which is important when travelling as a team by bus)

Other optional items ordered through the WC Uniform Shop:

  • WC track suit
  • WC beanie