Team App

Team App is a free smartphone app which WCRC use to convey training and regatta information. The benefit of this app is that you receive an instant notification when a message is posted and it will be used as a repository for rowing documents and information.

To download the app you need a smartphone, or you can access the WCRC Team App page online (go to the Team App website and search for the 'Wellington College Rowing' team).

Follow these steps to download onto your phone:

  • Click here and install 'Team App'
  • You will need to sign up. Only enter your basic info.
  • Search for 'Wellington College Rowing' and request to be part of the team.
  • Request access to the 'access groups' relevant to you (see below). The coaches can adjust which groups you are in. Different access groups have been set up to customise messaging. For instance, technical info or rowing videos will only be for rowers while training and regatta messages will go to everyone.
  • Click 'settings' and 'notifications' and tick enable to ensure you are notified immediately when a message is posted. 

Access groups are:

  • Coxswains (Coxswains from all squads, boys only)
  • Seniors and parents (senior boys and their parents)
  • Seniors (senior boys only)
  • Juniors and parents (junior boys and their parents)
  • Juniors (junior boys only)
  • Novices and parents (novice and their parents)
  • Parents (all parents)
  • Whole squad (all parents and all boys)