Enter the Summer Track and Field Series


Welcome to the 2022 Summer Track and Field Series.

Competition Rules

  • All events are 100% confirmed.
  • The series will run from 2.00pm – 4.00pm with track and field events evenly spaced over this time.
  • Walkers will have their own event and will be allocated points on the WMA Age Grading table as long as points have been allocated.  Confirmation of times will be dependent on having the correct number of officials.
  • All Field events will be run on three qualifying rounds with the top 3 Under 20, Top 3 Senior and Top 3 Masters Athletes (35+) gaining a further 3 attempts.
  • Track events take precedence and if you miss a round at the field event, then it will be recorded as a pass
  • Entries will be taken at the start line for track events or at the field event if you have been allocated a race number and paid your entry fee as detailed below.
  • Everyone will need to assist to run the events as officials are highly likely to be short.
  • Electronic timing will be operating.

Entry Fees

The entry fee will be $10.00 for each meet up to 2pm 24 hours before the commencement of the meet and $15.00 after that untill the conclusion of the meet (plus any applicable administration fees).

Entering one event does not guarantee your entry for the next, you must ensure you have entered and paid your entry fee.

Points Series

We will run a point’s series using the WMA Age grading calculator tables as follows:-

  • Your best result at each series and the points allocated will count towards your final placing.
  • Scholarships are most likley to be awarded on the following basis but may vary depending on the size of the prize pool and numbers participating.
  1. 1st = $100.00             
  2. 2nd = $75.00
  3. 3rd = $50.00

To check your points

After Event 1 Click Here

After Event 2 Click Here

The points have been allocated via the WMA Age-grading calculator Click Here  You can check your points via the web link and make sure we have everything correct.

Please read the Competition Rules, so you know how this relates to the scholarships to be presented at the end of the series.

Calendar of Events and Results


2023 Summer Series

15th January 2023 = Masterton Summer Series – Results Photos

  • Entries as at 

18th March 2023 = Masterton Mile Challenge – Results Photos

  • Entries as at 


The events we will run are as follows:-

15th January Programme of Events


2.00pm 3000m Walk

2.00pm 3000m Mixed

2.30pm 100m Women

2.40pm 100m Men

2.50pm 400m Women

3:00pm 400m Men

3.10pm 800m Women

3.20pm 200m Women

3.30pm 200m Men

3.40pm 800m Men


2.00pm Shot

2.00pm Long Jump

3.00pm Hammer

3.00pm High Jump

18th March Programme of Events


2.00pm 5000m Walk

2.30pm 100m Women

2.40pm 100m Men

2.50pm Womens Mile

2.40pm Mens Mile