The Openshaw Shield: Conceived in Britain Made in New Zealand

When David Openshaw was President of the World Croquet Federation (2004 to 2009) Golf Croquet was becoming more popular. At the time Egypt was by far the strongest team and twice matches between Egypt and the Rest of the World were organised. But the gap was narrowing and there was a demand for more international Golf Croquet. As a result, The World Team Championship was introduced by David Openshaw’s successor, President Charles Jones. David offered to present a trophy for this event.

This offer was based on the many great memories of playing in the Association Croquet team event, the MacRobertson Shield, which was first played for between England and Australia in 1925.  David Openshaw thought it would be good to have a similar trophy for this new competition Chris Clarke recommended Ray Atkins, of Christchurch, would do a great job of making the shield. So the shield is quite international with it conceived in Britain, based on the trophy donated in 1925 by the Australian MacPherson Robertson and designed and made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

David Openshaw was pleased with the craftsmanship of Ray’s wood working and design and also the detail of the silver work by Nicola Roake. So a great many thanks to the Christchurch team of Chris, Ray and Nicola for designing and producing such a great trophy. And very fitting that the current holders are New Zealand. 

First World Team Championship:

The First World Team Championship were held in Johannesburg in November 2012 with Egypt winning. In 2016 the second event was held in London at the Surbiton Club where New Zealand won the trophy by beating Egypt in the final. The third contest will be held in Nelson, New Zealand at the Nelson Hinemoa Croquet Club.