Simon Carlsson

Simon has played the old Swedish type of croquet since the age of five. Together with some friends at university, he started a croquet club and eventually learned to play association croquet. A few years later the European golf croquet championships encouraged most of the Swedish players to learn that discipline as well. Simon played his first game of golf croquet in 2007. Since then he has won several Swedish championships, some Nordic championship and even the European championship. Simon lives in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. He is a system developer working mainly with healthcare financial systems.

Joi Elebo

Joi Elebo age 31, works in product development. He is the proud owner of a full-size lawn, which is the venue for his club, Carpe Croquetum. Joi is a former Nordic champion in golf croquet and has represented Sweden in all 5 world team events so far. Since starting playing in 2001 he has also won several Elebo family championships, which might be the largest GC tournament in Sweden.

Joi is the current president of the Swedish croquet association.

Anders Moldin

Anders has played croquet since 2004. He has since participated in a number of competitions, including Nordic and European championships. In 2012, Anders was a part of the team representing Sweden at The Inaugural CCJ WCF Golf Croquet World Teams Championship in South Africa. Outside of croquet Anders works as a system developer in finance.

Joakim Norback

Joakim grew up in Eskilstuna, Sweden where he along with some friends started a croquet club in 1992. Soon afterwards, he moved to Los Angeles to attend college. The stay in the United States became longer than expected and it wasn't until he came back to Sweden in 2007 that he picked up croquet again. Since then he has played both GC and AC regularly. His best tournament finishes to date are 1st place in the Swedish GC Championship and 2nd place in the Swedish AC Championship.

Joakim is currently living in Stockholm where he works as a Risk Manager at Nasdaq. Besides croquet, he also enjoys long-distance running, downhill skiing, and travelling.

Lewis Palmer          

Lewis is 56 years old and works as a CFO for an insulation company in Trosa which is one hour south of Stockholm on Sweden’s beautiful east coast. He moved to Sweden in 2007 to be with his girlfriend (now wife) Monica. Apart from croquet he enjoys playing tennis, sailing and blowing his trumpet in the local brass band.

Lewis grew up in England where he first started playing association croquet in 1985 and spent numerous years playing on the “croquet circuit” with the likes of Robert Fulford, Chris Clarke and David Maugham.  He started playing golf croquet about 7 years ago and managed to get to the semi-final of the European Championships in his first serious competition. Since then he has won the Swedish Championship twice.