Run Jump Throw in Schools

Athletics New Zealand is promoting an initiative to primary schools and athletic clubs which focuses on the delivery of basic Athletics foundation movement patterns. Run Jump Throw is the foundation programme of the Athletics NZ Coach Development Programme and is part of the sport education programme promoted by Regional Sports Trusts. The course is aimed at teachers, parents and coaches who will be organising, teaching and coaching children’s athletics sports events.


The Run Jump Throw Lecturers Course is a good development option for a number of situations

1)    Coaches coaching athletes aged 5 – 12 year olds

2)    Administrators, athletics clubs 5 – 12 year olds

3)    Primary School teachers

4)    Child development facilitators

Programme includes:

·        Introducing correct fundamental athletics skill development to service providers

·        Practical ideas for implementation of a Run Jump Throw unit as part of your Physical

Education/Athletics programme

·        Topics covered include:

×          The Philosophy Towards children in Sport

×          The concept of Run Jump Throw

×          Growth & Development

×          Fair Play

×          Coaching Tips

×          Skills Approach

×          The Dangers of early Specialisation

×          Walking Skills

×          Running Skills

×          Jumping Skills

×          Throwing Skills

×          Equipment

×          Progress Charts

Run Jump Throw is based on the philosophy that the development of skills, in a fun environment, is the key to participation. Sports Skills and other physical activities should be modified to suit the physical, intellectual and emotional development of athletes.

Emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns, and is the foundation to correct movement techniques. This course is aimed at people who will be organising and teaching/coaching Run Jump Throw lessons and Athletic Sports Events. This course is delivered by an Athletics New Zealand trained Instructor.

It offers a chance to explore a traditional physical activity setting with a clear focus on quality experiences for all athletes. This course relates closely to the current thinking as represented through the Physical Activity and Active Schools Initiatives.