Friday 17th May 2024


The course will start down at the long jump pit and then go along the 100m track, down the hill and across the driveway, up along the back of Mrs Armstrong’s house, the chapel and the back of IRC.

Once past Ms McKnight’s house come up onto the driveway go out the gate and turn left. Follow the footpath down to Iona front gate then around the bottom field and up onto the top field at the Shot put area following the coloured cones up the small rise, around the tree and down onto the track and finishing at the end of the 100m.

Seniors do this twice while Yr7/8 and Juniors do another lap of the school fields.

Yr 7 & 8: 1.5 laps
Juniors:  1.5 laps   
Seniors: 2 full laps


There will be three championship races.  The age groups are Yr 7 & 8, Junior (Year 9 & 10) and Senior (Year 11-13).  Members of the Senior A Netball, 1st XI Football and 1st XI Hockey teams are expected to compete in championship races - aiming to all be in the top 30 of each age group for 'Battle of the codes'!

Yr 7 & 8 Championship - 3km
Junior Championship - 3km
Senior Championship - 4km

House coloured top

All students must wear their house-coloured top, blue PE shorts AND SHOES to gain their participation points.
No face paint, please.


Students are encouraged to enjoy the cross country event but remember to “lead by example” if you are a senior.  All students can participate with a positive attitude regardless of fitness levels.

Order Of Events:                     

1.15pm – Students to assemble in classes (Yr. 13 closest to Lucknow Road, then Yr. 12 etc.) remember WATER bottles.                  

Staff out on course go to # stations.

1.25pm - race starts                                    - Seniors (Yrs. 11-13) - 2 laps (4kms)

1.45pm - race starts                                    - Juniors (Yr. 9,10) - 1.5 laps (3kms)

2.05pm - race starts                                    - Year 7 & 8 - 1.5 laps (3kms)

2.35pm – all races to be finished             - sitting in House groups for Presentations and dismissal by Senior Leadership team.