​​​​​​​Sports Department

Our Vision

To provide the opportunity to participate and excel in sport

Our Goals

  • For Iona students to have ownership and pride in the sporting life of the school.

  • To celebrate sporting individual and team achievements.

  • To empower Iona students through sport.


  • To provide opportunities for all students to develop physical skills and promote individuals to desire to be physically active.

  • To provide opportunities for all students to develop social and interpersonal skills through sport, for sport and life.

  • To ensure students have healthy, balanced lifestyles through participation in physical activity.

  • To provide the opportunity for talented students to develop their skills and fitness to assist them in achieving personal and team goals.

  • To provide a physical activity programme with a range of activities to maintain the interest of all students.

  • To provide a range of sports teams for all abilities and to have highly competitive A teams in all sports.