I (Individual) O (Opportunities) W (With) N (Nutrition) I (Insight) T (Training)​​​​​​​

This is an initiative that identifies and nurtures our (Yr 9-13) elite athletes at Iona College. 

It aims to further develop talented sports-women within our school.

1.  To help prepare and develop our elite sports-women at Iona College

2.  To promote high performance

3.  Develop insight into correct training techniques at age and stage

4.  Develop knowledge in health and nutrition


The Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust owns and operates a world-class indoor training facility and performance gym, focusing on developing youth athletes to improve their levels of performance.  From developing healthy lifestyle habits in schoolchildren to strength and balance training in older adults. 

Underpinned by the latest research, their programmes are tailored to the needs of our community.  Located at the Mitre 10 Park, they operate the EIT Institute of Sport & Health.  A multi-purpose facility that enables the delivery of our health programmes and a centre for everyone in the community to exercise.

They support athletes across the 4 pillars of development (Strength & Conditioning, Mental Skills, Nutrition and Leadership) depending on their training age and experience.  They help to prepare athletes for regional, national or international representation and all programmes are aligned to High-Performance Sport NZ philosophies.


Objectives for the Tier 1 Group

  • To provide a minimum of 1-2 Athlete Development sessions per week.  The sessions will generally be held before school but can be adapted to individuals.
  • These sessions are run by qualified specialised strength and conditioning coaches in a professional training environment.
  • Upskill the naturally gifted athletes in areas associated with their sport.


Athlete Development Services - Strength & Conditioning 

  • Individual movement competency screening 
  • Testing pre/during/post-12-month programming
  • 2x strength & conditioning services per week
  • Sport-specific programming/individual programming
  • 1 on 1 coaching (athlete level dependant)
  • Use of Teambuildr
  • Use of adjoining facilities (track/court/Royston Gym)

Development Sessions: Tier 2

  • Educate the students towards the professional aspects of the sport.
  • Students to monitor and profile their own sporting achievements.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Sports Career options
  • Students to present to the school at a sports assembly during the year.
  • Skill Development.


Physical/Character/Leadership Development

  • 15-20 Students
  • Physical Development (screening, movement competency, agility, balance, strength)
  • Character/Leadership Development (Communication, Resilience, Teamwork, Personal Growth)
  • 8 weeks of Team (JAD Framework)
  • 8 x 1.5hr sessions per term​​​​​​​

Application forms will be available towards the end of Term 4 for the 2023 school year. Information on this will be broadcast via the Newsletter and Schoology.
Note: Successful applications will be determined by the Sports Department in consultation with coaches/trainers.