Performing arts education develops many valuable skills in young people, from self-confidence to fine motor skills. It creates expression, ignites the imagination, and teaches the appreciation of performance.

Iona College is ideal for any student with creativity, enthusiasm and talent. The College provides opportunities to explore and enjoy various performing arts classes and activities. Our award-winning Blyth Performing Arts Centre is used continuously for classes, extracurricular activities and performances. Students are encouraged to explore the various performing arts and cultural activities available as part of the curriculum and as extracurricular.

As culture and performing arts thrive in New Zealand schools, Iona College strives to lead and provide our students a wide range of options. We are passionate about cultural activities and the performing arts. Iona College and students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Shakespeare in the Blyth, Rockquest, and Dance NZ Made or one of the many choirs, orchestras, bands, and drama groups. We also have fantastic participation in College performances and competitions such as House Music, junior and senior performing arts concerts, Trio of Talents, and House Debating. 

Where students are actively involved in out-of-school cultural or performing arts activities, we will seek to involve them in similar groups, events, and performances within the College. We also aim to reduce scheduling conflicts with key dance schools or music groups in Hastings.

In addition, the College has a range of tutors from whom students can take private lessons throughout the term. Given Iona College's six-day timetable, students infrequently miss the same subject class for their scheduled private lessons. These lessons significantly enhance their performing arts experiences at the College. Tutors cater to students from beginner to advanced levels, with some receiving professional certification in their particular discipline.